Flat out catchfest and a day of turkey hunting

Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas was an awesome event.  The term we use for events where all of the field brings in a limit of solid fish is “catchfest”.  It was not a slugfest with weight nearing 100 pounds by any stretch but the shear numbers of keeper bass in the lake was amazing.  My […]

Elite Series in Florida

The first two Elite Series events of the year are in the books.  Looking back I feel good about the results knowing I left everything I had out on the water.  The St. John’s River was a great start to the year, the first day I was in the top 5 with over 22 pounds.  […]

2012 Classic

The 2012 Classic was an awesome experience.  I finished in 10th place and at times was shown as being in the top 5, at least that is what people have told me.  During the event all I can think about it how to catch the next fish. The biggest keys for me during the event […]

Fischer is here!

Wow, what an amazing feeling!  William Fischer Lowen was born this morning and weighed in at 8-12.  Mom and big sister are doing great.  We are truly blessed to have two healthy children.  We’ve been preparing for his arrival for so long that I really don’t know what to do now. The Classic is coming […]

Duck season and turning the page

Although we’ve been quite busy with preparations for the arrival of our 2nd child I have made several quality duck hunts on Brookville Lake and the Ohio River.  I’ve posted a lot of photos on my Facebook page. The weather down south has been so warm that we’ve had a lot more ducks than usual […]

Near miss and decoys

Last year was a very successful hunt in Kansas.  I was fortunate to take a great buck with my bow.  Take a look at www.BillLowen.com for pictures.  This year thanks to TightLines UV I was able to get another shot at another nice deer. In bow hunting there is obviously little room for error.  I […]

Looking at Deer and Old Hickory

It is cloudy and rainy here in Indiana today.  That is perfect weather for blog writing!  I’m not a professional writer so trying to describe the last couple weeks of hunting trips where I have seen some decent deer but no “shooters” is a challenge.  That being the case, stay tuned for some hunting stories.  […]

Turkey hunting and shows

I’m been fortunate to take advantage of some Fall turkey hunting here in Indiana.  One of my goals as a hunter is to be well-rounded and one that sets and meets goals.  A lot of the goals surround my bow. A turkey is not an easy kill with a bow, but Fall is as good […]

Dream hunting trip

I just returned from a hunting trip out west that I’ve been on in my dreams for years.  Hunting an elk with a bow is something I’ve always wanted to do.  A few buddies and I recently drove out to Sulphur Springs, Colorado to do just this. We hiked into where we would set up […]

Canada geese and getting beat

Hunting season is here.  Some buddies and I took advantage of the early goose season and had a great time shooting.  The birds weren’t flying like we would have liked but after a long time of non-hunting it was great to get out. And yes, the Beat Bill Lowen event went off and someone did […]