Canada geese and getting beat

Hunting season is here.  Some buddies and I took advantage of the early goose season and had a great time shooting.  The birds weren’t flying like we would have liked but after a long time of non-hunting it was great to get out. And yes, the Beat Bill Lowen event went off and someone did […]

A little crazy

So this time of year an outdoorsman has to get creative. The highly competitive Elite Series season is over. Hunting season is a good ways off. I fish a Bassmaster Northern Open in two weeks up on Lake Erie but more than a few days at home and I start to go a little crazy. […]

Fishing AND hunting at the same time

What do I do when we have a week and a half at home between events? 1 – organize my Flambeau tackle boxes 2- handle the household upkeep 3 – go fishing. This week I am going bow fishing. It is a lot of fun because it combines my 2 favorite activities of hunting and […]

Turkey season opener

Turkey season opened today in Indiana.  Normally I’ve got a bird by now by hunting Kentucky or Ohio but with the new house comes chores to take care of, especially when you are home as little as we are. It was pouring down rain this morning but that didn’t stop us.  I decided to hunt […]