Bassmaster Classic – what can you do?

Well, the positive spin on the Classic is two fold – I found good fish, and I got to work the Expo for my business partners. There are a lot of variables in fishing.  Equipment, weather, and competitors to name a few.   Some of these we can control, some we can’t.  We can’t control the […]

Bassmaster Classic practice

Bassmaster Classic practice is in full swing.  These days are so important mentally.  As anglers we may not find the best area in these days but at least we can eliminate areas in our minds, areas that we find in pre-practice that we think might be good come the week of the event.  I feel […]

Funny story from SHOT show

I mentioned the new Feather Flage hat last week.  Brian and Dannon brought 12 of the hats to the SHOT show.  That ought to be enough to show folks the product and give a few away to key buyers and outdoor writers, right?  By Thursday morning the hats disappeared left and right as duck hunters […]

SHOT show – smartest hunting hat ever

Today is the 2nd day of the SHOT show in Las Vegas.  SHOT stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show.  It is a massive show, something like the 7th largest trade show in all the US.  I am here promoting Buck Knives, Feather Flage and spending time with the guys from Flambeau Outdoors.  We […]

Tearing up boats

I duck hunted on Monday of this week.  We had another rough outing.  I tore the bottom of the jet boat up on some rocks.  If you don’t have a friend that knows how to weld aluminum you need to make one. I’m getting packed for the Fishing Expo in Timonium, MD on behalf of […]

Lowen’s Boat World

It is a new year and we started it out right with more hunting.  Every time I go into the out building I think about how great it will be to get it all organized.  However, as much as I like being organized I like hunting ten times as much.  So the organization will have […]

They can save your life

Today was experience that won’t soon be forgotten.  We had found some birds yesterday on Brookville Lake.  We had two spots in mind but decided to pull into an area on the lower portion of the lake.  Half of the lake was frozen and it was 15 degrees out.  We spotlighted the area as we […]

Classic practice and Brass N’ Blades

I just got back from a scouting trip on the Louisiana Delta.  This was our last opportunity to prefish the Bassmaster Classic waters until the official practice period the week of the Classic.  I borrowed my buddy’s Skeeter and headed off to fish the Delta.  A sponsor was kind enough to put me in touch […]

Get out there!

I celebrated my 36th birthday this week.  Sometimes I feel old and sometimes I still feel like a kid.  Usually I feel like a kid when I am hunting and fishing.  If it is true that days spent hunting and fishing don’t count against your total here on earth that puts me at around 18 […]

Trade show season

This coming week is a new outdoor show called the Tri-State Fishing Expo put on by Odyssey Events.  They started this new show and one in Nashville towards the end of January.  I think this is a great sign that the outdoor industry is headed towards a brighter future.  This week I have been putting […]