2012 Classic

The 2012 Classic was an awesome experience.  I finished in 10th place and at times was shown as being in the top 5, at least that is what people have told me.  During the event all I can think about it how to catch the next fish.

The biggest keys for me during the event were trying to get the bigger fish to bite.  I was in the right areas as Matt Reed and Chris Lane also located my key area.  Chris was able to get some of the bigger bites that you have to get to win an Elite event or the Classic.  My day will come though.  I can’t imagine how the win will affect Chris’ life, he was already doing photo shoots the morning we left.  He will do a great job representing the sport of bass fishing.

I caught my fish during the Classic on TightLines UV baits and several solid keepers on the Ima Square Bill..

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