Can you beat me?

I love to fish local tournaments.  There is not much better than meeting up with a group of guys and seeing who can catch more fish.  3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, even 12 hours sometimes at night.  On the Ohio River there is a group called the 100% Club.  All the $ that goes in goes back out.

Last year the 100% Club decided to do a contest where the guys went out to beat me and my partner one weekend.  We did plaques and stuff for the winner.  Well I had a great day on the river and caught like 12 pounds, which is really big.  So we shelved the plaques and will bring them out again this year.  This Saturday is “Beat Bill Lowen” day again.

Buck Knives, the best sponsor any guy could have, called and committed two Buck 110 knives to the team that wins….I hope we put those back on the shelf with the plaques again this year…Haha.  Call Dennis at (513) 256-0040 for more information.  See you out there.

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