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I am proud to announce that I have aligned with CastAway Rods beginning with the Bassmaster Classic.  I literally looked at every rod company in the market, compared price points to quality and found the best fit with CastAway.  I really feel like I can promote Castaway because the real fisherman out there can afford these rods but not sacrifice quality and feel.  Sometimes you just know when a rod feels right and these are perfect.  CastAway has been around forever…that certainly gives me some confidence.  Like so many others, I used to fish CastAway rods back in the day and I’m really glad to see that they are back!

“We’ve been following Bill’s career for some time, and I am really pleased to have him join our team,” said CastAway’s Adam Murray.  “I know we will both benefit from working together.   Our lightweight yet powerful rods will play an important role in Bill’s success during this coming season, starting with his shot at fishing’s biggest prize in February.  At the same time, we believe Bill is truly a rising star in the angling world and we know he’ll help bring a lot of attention to CastAway Rods,” added Murray.

CastAway Graphite Rods opened its doors in 1986.  With over two decades of experience and a highly positive reputation in the industry, CastAway has always been on the cutting edge with new fishing rod technology that is lighter, more sensitive, and more durable while still maintaining a good value for anglers.  CastAway rods are built using specially balanced, action-specific blanks finished with the finest components.  Each rod is crafted with the utmost attention to detail normally reserved for expensive custom rods but priced to put professional quality, feel and performance in reach of anglers everywhere.

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