I know this blog is supposed to be weekly on Wednesdays, and it has been weekly since we started keeping it back in September of last year….but I’m too excited to wait.  I MADE the CLASSIC!!!  You would think that since this is my 4th time to do so that it would become routine…it is not.  It will never get old.


You can’t win the Classic unless you are in it.  It is what we dream about as anglers…every day.  And it is darn hard to think about going a year not competing in it.  Winning the Classic is why we lose sleep.  Everything I do from now until February will be to get an edge to win the Classic.  If that all sounds crazy I invite you to come to Shreveport next year in February.  If you like sports of any kind you will enjoy this event.

Wheeler was a great event for me.  At rare times and at rare locations all 99 Elite anglers get to all fish our strengths.  The deep guys got to fish how they liked and us shallow water guys could find some fish too.  I finished in 23rd fishing to make sure I made the Classic.  I caught a 10 pounder in practice on one spot that I kept hoping would bite during the event, but it didn’t happen.  Maybe that big bass will get a case of wanderlust and decide to swim a few hundred miles and find its way into my livewell on the Red River in Shreveport.

Hey, this is fishing, and anything is possible!

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