Local tournaments

This week I’ve been fishing a lot around the house.  A friend of mine and I are working on stocking his pond, which is a lot of fun.  I fished a Tuesday night tournament on Brookville Lake and one tonight too.  It is always a blast to show up and fish with the local anglers, many of whom are solid anglers.  All of them are awesome guys.  I was lucky enough to catch the big fish of the night tonight.

I’m sure by now many of you have read about the Bassmaster All-Star week.  The fans are voting in their favorites for the final 4 spots.  The regions are loaded with a lot of great anglers and the competition is tough.  Your vote would mean a lot to me though.  You can vote at https://vote.bassmaster.com/toyota/fanfavorites/promo.  I am in region 2…2nd row down.  The only guy with a cool Feather ‘Flage hat on.

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