SMKW/Lake Douglas TN

The event this past weekend at Smoky Mountain Knife Works was a lot of fun.  We were able to promote the Lowen knives on Knives Live TV and spend time in the store.  Love that store.

Fishing was fun on Douglas on Saturday.  Bob George from Buck Knives and I went fishing with the Giveaway winner and his grandson.  We fished for a couple hours and caught some really nice fish.

I’ve found that if you show up at a lake that you’ve never fished before you can always take a Zappu Jig Head Wacky and a little Tight Lines finesse worm and fish bridge pilings.  We caught a 4+ and several other nice fish doing that.  A couple years ago I filmed the Day on the Lake for ESPN2.  I threw that little combo out near a boat ramp and caught some nice fish.

Try that little trick next time.  Shaky heads are great for first-timers and kids that are just moving to the point of wanting to fish with artificial baits, but still get bit like it is live bait.

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