Top 12

I made my first final day cut of the year at West Point in GA.  I can’t tell you how satisfying that is!  It was awesome to catch fish on baits I helped design too.  It was a true junk fishing tournament – Brass ‘N Blades spinnerbait, D&L jig with Tight Lines UV-Beaver trailer and the Ima Square Bill in the Chartreuse Shad pattern.

Here’s a funny story about being a pro angler.  One of the reasons people care about our opinions and thoughts on how to catch fish and the equipment to use is that they see us on TV or the internet.  When you make the final day cut you sometimes get to be on TV, sometimes you don’t.  I’m not sure if I will get on TV but they sure tried.  The ESPN helicopter followed me early on and came down really close to the water…which is cool and all, except I was fishing a shad spawn which is affected by the tornado-like winds of a chopper.  How do you plan for that to happen?  I hope it starts to happen more.  I like fishing day 4…and fishing 14 days in a row!

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