Duck season and turning the page

Lowen ducks

Although we’ve been quite busy with preparations for the arrival of our 2nd child I have made several quality duck hunts on Brookville Lake and the Ohio River.  I’ve posted a lot of photos on my Facebook page.

The weather down south has been so warm that we’ve had a lot more ducks than usual here in the Midwest.  The late season hunts have been much better than in the past few years.  The ducks are smart so you have to use the best equipment to fool them.  The new Storm Front and Master Series decoys from Flambeau are 150% worth the investment.

As we turn the page to fishing and Bassmaster Classic preparation I am getting excited.  A lot of the new gear is arriving in the mail and I am busy filling my Flambeau tackle boxes.  I picked up my new Skeeter last week, which is always an exciting experience.

The season is almost here!

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