The weight is over…

Bassmaster just put up a very informative story we did on Reins Tungsten weights.  Big weights will always have their place in my tackle box.  I am very fortunate to work with the company that makes the best one on the market too.  Go with someone that knows how to use big weights sometime and you will be sold too.  They are a great way to catch fish other people don’t have a prayer of catching…and that is a good time.

Also, the WAIT is over!  Except for the great trip to Smoky Mountain Knife Works I have been trying to stay busy here in Indiana…thanks for the suggestions on Facebook everyone.  But the WAIT is over…I leave for two Cabela’s appearances Saturday and Sunday and then go to Lake Erie to fish the Northern Open.  I am jacked up.  For one, I love Cabela’s and the great people at the Wheeling, WV store.  I am excited about meeting the folks in Dundee, MI too.

Please stop in and look for me Saturday and Sunday.  I will be located in the Buck knife section of the store of course.

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