A little crazy

So this time of year an outdoorsman has to get creative. The highly competitive Elite Series season is over. Hunting season is a good ways off. I fish a Bassmaster Northern Open in two weeks up on Lake Erie but more than a few days at home and I start to go a little crazy. What should we do?

We’ve been working on food plots (see below), shooting carp, doing a little pond bass fishing, organizing the shop and the boats, working with sponsors, etc. All good stuff, I have just gotten used to the whole jump in the truck and be gone from home. I guess that is a good thing, right?

I’m not complaining at all. I realize how fortunate I truly am. To be able to make a livelihood in the outdoors is truly something to be thankful for. The family and friends we have are awesome too. And it really is a great country we live in…regardless of what the stock market does!

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