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People ask me what I like to do outdoors when I’m not bass fishing or hunting something…I like to fish for walleye.  That is what we’ve been doing this week back in Indiana on Brookville Lake.  So far we’ve caught 8 keepers, which will feed the family and friends.  We’ve been fishing for them with Ima Flit jerkbaits.  I’m not much on vertical jigging or trolling so casting for them suits my style.  Next week we will go mushroom hunting.  I can almost taste the walleye and mushrooms now!

Beyond that I’ve been organizing the tackle so I can take the right amount of Flambeau tackle boxes to Pickwick and Toledo Bend.  I made a top 12 at Pickwick last year and caught the big bass on a D&L jig so there will be plenty of those with me. 

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