Florida fishing

The drive from Florida to the midwest is never fun but we were not quite prepared for the temperature drop.  We stopped in TN on the way home to visit the water park, which was a good transition.

I made the top 50 cut in both Florida events, which is great.  I chose to fish my strengths at those events so it was a lot of flipping, pitching and throwing the Square Bill and the jiggin’ brass from Brass N’ Blades.  I caught two nice 4 pounders on the Square Bill that really helped my weight.  The more I throw that bait the more I like it.  Line size is so key with crankbaits.  Going from 10 to 20 pound line makes all the difference in the world.  I have 3 different Square Bills tied on with 3 different line sizes…and people ask “why do you need so many rods and reels”?!

We’ve got about a week and a half here in Indiana before heading to Pickwick Lake.  We were at Pickwick 3 weeks later in 2010 but the fishing in that lake is awesome.  I was fortunate to catch the big bass of the 2010 event and finished in the top 12.  That would be a great way to start the second quarter of the 2011 season!

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