How the Sunshine Showdown went down

If you saw the Sunshine Showdown tournament results you know I am content.  Making the top 50 cut is always how you want to start the season.  Forking over a lot of money in deposits before the Elite Series season starts ($24k) is always a stressful affair.  A bad start to the season just makes that worse.  Thankfully I was able to steadily improve my weight in comparison to the rest of the field to finish 32nd.

On day 1 I only brought a small limit to the scales and was 82nd.  Being in the bottom 20% can work on an angler…but this is Florida and weights fluctuate big time.  Day 2 was much better and got me into the cut at 47th.  Fishing in Florida is all about getting a bit bite, a 4 or 5 pound female, and I got that on Days 2 and 3.  Both of them came on Tight Lines baits.  For sight fishing those baits are exceptional.

Practice for the St. Johns river event this week has been good.  It is another sight-fishing deal but I have been catching quality fish on Brass N’ Blades bladed jigs and the Ima Square Bill.  I don’t do the sight fishing thing unless there is absolutely no other option.  I like to fish my strengths.  I won’t win doing what I’m doing but I will catch limits.

For you duck hunters that don’t fish let me say this…go fishing and you will see more waterfowl than you’d ever imagine.  It will make you want to put on the Feather Flage and start calling.

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