Opening Day – Doves

I drove down to Tennessee last night and stayed at J.D. Blackburn’s house.  He runs Pro Fishing Management and manages the business and PR side of our business.  We met up with Bob George of Buck Knives for a charity dove hunt.  It was Bob’s first hunt and we really enjoyed spending time together and shooting at the birds.  I had gall bladder surgery about 6 weeks ago so I shot a 20 gauge.  That is a challenge.  Buck donated an awesome knife to the event signed by CJ Buck and Chuck Buck and I donated a trip to go with it and raised $800 for the charity.

I left down there after the hunt and drove straight home to Ohio for the early goose hunt opening.  Typically I am the one in the group that has to organize all the hunting gear at the first of the season but since I was gone that duty fell to my buddies.  They had no idea how much work was involved since our gear was all over the place.  I’m kind of hoping this dove hunt becomes an annual ritual!

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