SHOT show – smartest hunting hat ever

Today is the 2nd day of the SHOT show in Las Vegas.  SHOT stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show.  It is a massive show, something like the 7th largest trade show in all the US.  I am here promoting Buck Knives, Feather Flage and spending time with the guys from Flambeau Outdoors.  We worked on some of the details behind a 2nd Bill Lowen Signature Knife.  This one is going to be very cool with a little bit wider retail reach.

Feather Flage has one of the smartest modifications to a hunting hat I’ve ever seen.  The middle of the hat bill has a mesh insert.  This is great because when you have birds circling above and you don’t want to move your head you can still watch the ducks.  Why didn’t someone think about that 10 years ago?

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