What’s D Funk?


A couple years ago I met some guys at the ATA show from a company named Contec, Inc.  Great guys and they were excited to be at the show like I was.  Seeing that I was a fisherman they handed me a Fish D-Funk wipe and explained what it did.  To demonstrate how it worked they smeared stink bait on my hands – the real good stinky stuff.  Then I wiped it off with the D-Funk wipe and the smell was gone!  It wasn’t covered up or perfumed but gone.  My hand had no odor whatsoever!  I immediately started using it on the boat and in the deer stand.

Since then they’ve come out with Boat D-Funk, Gun D-Funk, Cooler D-Funk and Dog D-Funk.  They are all specially formulated by their team of chemists for the intended use.  And they have a lot of chemists.  The company in international and what I like about them is that they pay attention to what people really need – and then deliver it.

Cooler D-Funk proved handy when we left a bunch of food in their for a week without any ice in the sun.  Good as new now.  Dog D-Funk is probably the my friends have enjoyed the most.  Dogs need to be bathed regularly but with Dog D-Funk you can bathe them half as much.   It is an awesome product.

Check them out at www.d-funkwipes.com.

Let me know what you think once you’ve killed the stink!


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