Fishing AND hunting at the same time

What do I do when we have a week and a half at home between events? 1 – organize my Flambeau tackle boxes 2- handle the household upkeep 3 – go fishing. This week I am going bow fishing. It is a lot of fun because it combines my 2 favorite activities of hunting and fishing.

I got to thinking about bow fishing while at Lake Murray for the 6th Elite Series event last week.  I missed the cut but we stayed around on Saturday to meet and greet at the weigh-in.  That morning we went out as a family and caught this giant carp on a cicada with 8 lb. Trilene Fluorocarbon.

I competed in a bow fishing tournament once back when I was 18. I’m actually surprised it has been that long since I did one of those but spring and summer are pretty busy for me.

The folks at Feather ‘Flage told me lately that they have been doing more and more of what is called “dipping” their pattern. We first did this with the Bill Lowen Duck Call that benefits Delta Waterfowl.  They have a couple locations that are doing this for them now.  Guns look especially good dipped with the Ducks in a Row pattern.

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