Mossy Oak Fishing

Mossy Oak announced that Bassmaster Elite Series veteran Bill Lowen has joined the company’s pro staff. Established in 2017 in conjunction with the launch of Mossy Oak Elements Agua, the Mossy Oak Fishing Team includes KevinVanDam, Jordan Lee, Ott DeFoe, Brandon Palaniuk, Gerald Swindle, Matt Lee, Mark Davis and Greg Hackney. Lowen is a nine-time […]

Xpress Boats

BILL LOWEN CHOOSES XPRESS BOATS Hot Springs, AR. January 1, 2018 – It is with great xcitement to announce and welcome Mr. Bill Lowen to Xpress Boats Next Level: Elite Team. Known as one of the founding members and most consistent angler on the Bassmaster Elite tour, Bill has chosen to run The Original All-Welded […]

Outdoor Friends Forever

  This weekend I made some new outdoor friends forever.  I had the amazing opportunity of participating in the Outdoor Friends Forever event in Alabama.  It was one of the most impactful experiences of my life.  A lot of times we take for granted or health and the health of our families.  I am so […]

Ohio whitetail

  I love this picture.  Fischer was completely fired up.  He is growing fast and it won’t be long before he will be ready for the woods.  Now I have tagged out in Ohio and Indiana and it is time for my favorite – waterfowl! This deer is a 9 pointer.  My favorite deer and […]

Indiana whitetail

First buck with my new Matthews Helim bow. Not as big as I thought but oh well.  I’m headed to Kansas to look for bruisers.

Duck season and turning the page

Although we’ve been quite busy with preparations for the arrival of our 2nd child I have made several quality duck hunts on Brookville Lake and the Ohio River.  I’ve posted a lot of photos on my Facebook page. The weather down south has been so warm that we’ve had a lot more ducks than usual […]

Near miss and decoys

Last year was a very successful hunt in Kansas.  I was fortunate to take a great buck with my bow.  Take a look at for pictures.  This year thanks to TightLines UV I was able to get another shot at another nice deer. In bow hunting there is obviously little room for error.  I […]

Looking at Deer and Old Hickory

It is cloudy and rainy here in Indiana today.  That is perfect weather for blog writing!  I’m not a professional writer so trying to describe the last couple weeks of hunting trips where I have seen some decent deer but no “shooters” is a challenge.  That being the case, stay tuned for some hunting stories.  […]

Turkey hunting and shows

I’m been fortunate to take advantage of some Fall turkey hunting here in Indiana.  One of my goals as a hunter is to be well-rounded and one that sets and meets goals.  A lot of the goals surround my bow. A turkey is not an easy kill with a bow, but Fall is as good […]

Dream hunting trip

I just returned from a hunting trip out west that I’ve been on in my dreams for years.  Hunting an elk with a bow is something I’ve always wanted to do.  A few buddies and I recently drove out to Sulphur Springs, Colorado to do just this. We hiked into where we would set up […]