Looking at Deer and Old Hickory

It is cloudy and rainy here in Indiana today.  That is perfect weather for blog writing!  I’m not a professional writer so trying to describe the last couple weeks of hunting trips where I have seen some decent deer but no “shooters” is a challenge.  That being the case, stay tuned for some hunting stories.  I am headed to Kansas to hunt with Tight Lines again this year so that should be fun.

Last Friday I went down to Tennessee on Old Hickory Lake.  I own fond memories of that fishery.  In 2008 I nearly won an Elite Series event there.  It was the first of two runner-up finishes in my career.

On Friday I fished with Mel Burton, who had bid on a charity package from Buck Knives.  We caught 8 keepers on a 3/16 oz D&L jig, Tight Lines UV Hogs, and an Ima Square Bill in Silver Lining or Bluegill Foil colors.  Our best 5 would have gone 14+.  Old Hickory is very healthy right now.

I fished a little tournament down here on Saturday, they didn’t bite like they did on Friday.  However, I got to spend time with great guys at the lake and that is what it is all about!

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