Near miss and decoys

Last year was a very successful hunt in Kansas.  I was fortunate to take a great buck with my bow.  Take a look at for pictures.  This year thanks to TightLines UV I was able to get another shot at another nice deer.

In bow hunting there is obviously little room for error.  I was in a great stand and had marked off the area so I knew my yardage, or so I thought.  30 yards is a very comfortable distance for me and a really nice buck came into my area.  He was on a steep embankment that I thought was 30 yards away, so I shot for that distance.  Turns out he was about 39 feet when I stepped it off – after shooting and missing!

That has to be the worst feeling in the world.  It is similar to the scenario of seeing a really big bass on a beg, flipping in a bait and having the fish eat it, only to miss it or break the line.

Since my return home I have been waterfowling a lot.  Flambeau sent their newest Storm Front decoys and they are the deal.  With these decoys and my Feather Flage camo I feel real good about my chances hunting on the river.

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