Looking at Deer and Old Hickory

It is cloudy and rainy here in Indiana today.  That is perfect weather for blog writing!  I’m not a professional writer so trying to describe the last couple weeks of hunting trips where I have seen some decent deer but no “shooters” is a challenge.  That being the case, stay tuned for some hunting stories.  […]

Can you beat me?

I love to fish local tournaments.  There is not much better than meeting up with a group of guys and seeing who can catch more fish.  3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, even 12 hours sometimes at night.  On the Ohio River there is a group called the 100% Club.  All the $ that goes […]

SMKW/Lake Douglas TN

The event this past weekend at Smoky Mountain Knife Works was a lot of fun.  We were able to promote the Lowen knives on Knives Live TV and spend time in the store.  Love that store. Fishing was fun on Douglas on Saturday.  Bob George from Buck Knives and I went fishing with the Giveaway […]

Best Elite never to win…

This week my good friend Ken Duke with Bassmaster posted an article detailing his thoughts on who the best Elite Series angler never to win is. The article is posted here. The part about me is “Matt Herren and Bill Lowen are a little older yet, and neither has won a B.A.S.S. event. They both […]

Local tournaments

This week I’ve been fishing a lot around the house.  A friend of mine and I are working on stocking his pond, which is a lot of fun.  I fished a Tuesday night tournament on Brookville Lake and one tonight too.  It is always a blast to show up and fish with the local anglers, […]


I know this blog is supposed to be weekly on Wednesdays, and it has been weekly since we started keeping it back in September of last year….but I’m too excited to wait.  I MADE the CLASSIC!!!  You would think that since this is my 4th time to do so that it would become routine…it is […]

No pressure!

The Bassmaster Classic.  Ever heard of it?  It is kind of a big deal in bass fishing.  Just kind of.  Winning it would be incredible.  At this point in the season, though, I just think about making it…and think of little else. The Arkansas River really surprised me last week.  I had a great time, […]


We packed up and made the trip to Lake Fork for the Skeeter event last week.  Those are always fun.  From there we made the drive to Little Rock and have been practicing for the 7th Elite event.  I feel like I am back on the Ohio River with how this place looks and fishes. […]

Great fishing in the Hoosier state

Well, I was planning to do a lot of bow fishing but the bass fishing has been so good on Brookeville lake here in Indiana we couldn’t get out of the Skeeter bass boat the past week.  I love to catch fish shallow and it has absolutely been ON this week.  Flipping visible cover with […]

First fish!

Nevaeh recently caught her first fish.  I will give you 2 guesses as to which species it was, and the 1st guess doesn’t count.  A buddy has a little pond on his property here in Indiana and we went the other morning.  We threw a little IMA crankbait out a few times and before long […]